Happy birthday to Anatoly Osherovich Kroll!

19 April 2014

Dear Friends!   Today is a birthday of People’s Artist of Russia, Honored worker of arts of Russian Federation, the winner of Moscow award in literature and arts, composer, conductor, pianist, the chairman of «Master-Jam Fest» jury — Anatoly Osherovich Kroll!.     Anatoly Osherovich is a giant of Soviet jazz! Inspirator, Teacher, Master!   We wish health, boiling energy, new jazz experiments with «Master-Jam» and the April sun [...]

Master-Jam Fest wishes happy birthday to Sergey Gevelyuk!

15 April 2014

Dear Friends!   Today, April, 16, is the birthday of our good friend, generous, unbelievably gifted Master and real Artist of photography, beloved by Odessa citizens, Sergey Gevelyuk. His photo-chronicle of Odessa is the unique project of the unique person.       Dear Sergey!   We wish you happy birthday with the greatest of [...]

Happy Birthday to Herbie Hanckok!

12 April 2014

  Dear Friends,   Today all the World Jazz Community celebrates the birthday of the prominent pianist and composer, the 20th century’s Jazz Legend, one of the most influential Jazz musicians of modernity, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue and a founder of International Jazz Day Mr. Herbie Hancock.   We joint all the happy birthday wishes, which sound into address of Mr. [...]

() Поздравляем с Днем рождения Сергея Терентьева!
И представляем фильм о нем

11 April 2014

    Дорогие друзья!   Сегодня, 11 апреля, День рождения талантливого музыканта Сергея Терентьева! Пианист, первым начавший исполнять академическую музыку и джаз в одном концерте, причем делая это одинаково блестяще... Сила его чувств, виртуозность его пальцев, гибкость и сложность его репертуара — по удивительно точному определению Елены Шевченко — «...заставляет струны наших душ звучать на [...]

April 26 — International Jazz Day Celebration in Odessa Comedy Theater with the support of UNESCO

8 April 2014

On April 26, in occasion of the International Day of Jazz, the Odessa Theater of Musical Comedy will host a big gala concert with support of UNESCO.   This year’s celebration of the World Day of Jazz on April 26 being organized by the Odessa Theater of Musical Comedy, Nikolay Goloshchapov, Mikhail Freidlin and the team of «Master-Jam Fest», which will take place with personal support of Herbie Hancock, one of the [...]

Vagif Mustafa Zadeh's Birhday

16 March 2014

Dear Friends,   Today, the 16th of March, the wonderful man, a great composer and pianist, the most successful and well-known jazz artists in the Azerbaijani history, the creator of the new jazz direction — Azerbaijani jazz-mugham, the legendary Vagif Mustafa Zadeh would have turned 74.   Willis Conover, the host of «Jazz Time» program on the radio «Voice of America», dedicated one of his hourlong [...]

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, World Jazz Legend, Herbie Hancock Supports «Master-Jam Fest» Projects

16 March 2014

The author and Producer General of «Master-Jam Fest», Mikhail Freidlin received the letter of gratitude and support from Herbie Hancock, jazz legend of the 20th century, one of the most influential jazz musicians of modernity, 14 Grammy Awards winner, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue and UNESCO International Jazz Day founder.


5 March 2014

Dear friends,   Today in Ukraine and around it a dramatic situation has arisen.   We are against war in any of its aspects. We are for socializing in a language that is understandable to all people in the world: the language of humanity, kindness, mutual respect and freedom.   In this sense, the initiative of UNESCO to promote intercultural dialogue, creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and tolerance through the language of jazz, could [...]

The World in Jazz

27 February 2014

  Dear friends!   In the second season of «Master-Jam Fest» more than 300 participants from 55 countries have already registered in 10 musical categories!   Improvisers of the world, unite!   Sincerely yours, «Master-Jam» Team     Terms and conditions of the festival-contest The instruction for participants Register Here!               Project Coordinator   phone: +38 [...]

UNESCO Jazz Day. Invitation for Collaboration

23 January 2014

To the address of Mikhail Freidlin, the Master-Jam Fest Author and Producer General it was received the letter from Ms. Mika Shino, the Director of International Jazz Day Program and International Outreach, Senior Adviser to Herbie Hancock, who serves as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue..     Dear Mr. Freidlin,   Please allow me to wish you a very Happy New Year. I hope 2014 [...]

Celebration of International Jazz Day – 30 April 2014

23 January 2014

        Invitation   Dear friends,   We are pleased to invite you to celebrate the third International Jazz Day in your country.   In November 2011, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) officially designated April 30 as International Jazz Day in order to highlight jazz and its role in uniting people in all corners of the globe.   International Jazz [...]

TV program about Mikhail Freidlin, author and producer of Master-Jam Fest

18 January 2014

Mikhail Freidlin, author and producer of Master-Jam Fest, Ph. D. in Economics, chess player, yachtsman, author of scientific articles and books on the economy, is the hero of the author television program of known TV journalist Elena Mazur «Odessa stories with Elena Mazur», which introduces interesting people, who live in Odessa. January, 2014.   «It is human nature ... not to be bored — says Mikhail Freidlin — and each [...]

Happy Birthday to Mikhail Mitropolsky!

5 January 2014

Dear Friends!   Today, the 6th of January, is the birthday of the well-known jazz reviewer, radio and TV host, a member of the Moscow & International Jazz Journalists Associations (JJA), and a member of the jury of the «Master-Jam Fest», Mikhail Mitropolsky.       Dear Mikhail Mikhailovich!   We wish you happy birthday and excellent Christmas presents! We present you jazz! And you present us jazz! And each time in this way! [...]

Happy birthday to Leonid Chizhik!

1 January 2014

    Dear friends!     Today, the 1st of January, is a birthday of legendary pianist, composer and educator — Leonid Chizhik!     Dear Leonid Arcadievich!   Happy new year of your life! We wish you solid health, desirable and unforgettable presents, brilliant improvisations and thunderous applause!   Be happy!     Sincerely yours, "Master-Jam" Team

The Audio Playlist of the First Part of Master-Jam Fest 2013 Final Gala-Concert

27 December 2013

Final of the 1st International Festival-Contest of Jazz Improvisation «Master-Jam Fest» Gala-concert, Odessa, Ukraine, June 8, 2013 The first part of the concert This playlist contains 9 tracks, total time: 1.19.47   You can find audio-records of live jam-performances from the Master-Jam Fest Final on our official channel on Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/masterjamfest).   You can listen to, download, share single compositions, which you [...]

Happy birthday to Vladimir Feyertag!

27 December 2013

    Dear friends!     Today, December, 27, is a birthday of legendary Vladimir Borisovich Feyertag.   Vladimir Borisovich is a jazz historian, author of the encyclopedia «Jazz. The Twentieth Century» and winner of Willis Conover Award, musician, musicologist, jazz critic, Honored Artist of Russia, Professor of St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, the patriarch of Russian jazz journalism, member of the jury of the [...]

Happy birthday to Mikhail Freidlin!

18 December 2013

  Dear friends!   Today, the 19th of December, is a Birthday of Mikhail Pavlovich Freidlin, author and general producer of «Master-Jam Fest», candidatea of economic sciences, chess player, yachtsman, authora of scientific articles and books on economics, inventive,a cheerful, persistent and simply wonderful person.     Dear Mikhail Pavlovich!   We wish that your inner vision will never let you down in the future. Thanks to it, you [...]

Video-digest about the MJF-2013 Final in Odessa

16 December 2013

Dear friends!   During the four final days of the first MJF season performances on the festival stage were broadcasted online. You will find videos about each competition day and Gala Concert featuring all the MJF-2013 finalists and other video-materials on our website in the video gallery.   We offer you video-digest briefly summarizing the [...]

Anatoly Kroll and “All Stars Improvisation Big Band”
June, 8, 2013. MJF Gala Concert

15 December 2013

Dear Friends!   We invite you to come back into the summer day of June, 8, to the Master-Jam Fest Gala Concert to enjoy the beauty of compositions performed by "All Stars Improvisation Big Band" conducted by inimitable Anatoly Kroll, People’s Artist of Russia and the Festival Jury Chairman.     We remind you that musicians from 16 countries were included into the international big band composition.     Have [...]

Master-Jam Fest continues Participants’ Registration of Online Season 2013–2014

14 December 2013

The International Festival-Contest of Jazz Improvisation «Master-Jam Fest» continues the Online Preselection of the season 2013–2014.   The participants’ registration is held on the website master-jam.com Registration is Free.   MJF — is the First in the practice of the world jazz community annual year-round Festival-contest which uses global communication capabilities of the Internet.   MJF — is the International Festival-contest. The first season was attended [...]

«Jazz.Ru» Magazine about Master-Jam Fest 2013 (# 5, 2013)

13 December 2013

The team of the «Master-Jam Fest» thanks the chief editor of the magazine «Jazz.ru» — the most authoritative edition about jazz in Russian language — Cyril Moshkow for the publication of a detailed and objective information about the first final of the project.   We express our gratitude to the presenter of the Festival — Elena Shevchenko; the patriarch of the Russian jazz journalism — Vladimir Feyertag; the severe [...]

Playlist Live Audio | Master-Jam 2013 Final | The Third Contest Day

23 November 2013

Live Audio | Master-Jam 2013 Final | Third Contest Day This playlist contains 15 sounds, total time: 3.23.47   We continue to upload live audio-records of all the Master-Jam Fest-2013 Final contest days jam-performances into our official channel on Soundcloud.   You can listen to, download, share single compositions, which you like, or playlists on your pages in social networks or integrate records into your blog or website, and, of course, [...]

Happy birthday to Nikolay Goloshchapov

14 November 2013

    Dear Friends!   Today, the 14th of November, is the birthday of well-known and beloved by jazz community jazzman — Nikolay Goloshchapov, the creator and artistic director of Odessa big band, who has been heading jazz department of Odessa College of art and culture named after K. Dankevich for more than 30 years, the organizing committee member and the jury deputy chairman of «Master-Jam [...]

Happy birthday to Elena Shevchenko

8 November 2013

    Dear friends!   Today, the 8th of November, it is a birthday of «Master-Jam Fest» jury and organizing committee member, teacher-methodologist of Odessa college of arts and culture named after K. Dankevich, organizer and host of jazz music festivals and concerts, art-director of the jazz-club «Ragtime», member of the International union of journalists and author of the articles about jazz theory and history — charming, smart, sophisticated and [...]

Playlist Live Audio | Master-Jam 2013 Final | The Second Contest Day

4 November 2013

We continue to upload live audio-records of all the Master-Jam Fest-2013 Final contest days jam-performances into our official channel on Soundcloud.   You can listen to, download, share single compositions, which you like, or playlists on your pages in social networks or integrate records into your blog or website, and, of course, comment.   Each playlist corresponds to the certain contest day and its stylistic. Each audio-record’s title includes [...]

Playlist Live Audio | Master-Jam 2013 Final | The First Contest Day

26 October 2013

We started to upload live audio-records of all the Master-Jam Fest-2013 Final contest days jam-performances into our official channel on Soundcloud.   You can listen to, download, share single compositions, which you like, or playlists on your pages in social networks or integrate records into your blog or website, and, of course, comment.   Each playlist corresponds to the certain contest day and its stylistic. Each audio-record’s [...]

Happy birthday to Alexey Kozlov!

13 October 2013

    Dear friends!   Today, the 13th of October, is a birthday of Alexey Kozlov — jazzman, popular and «our» favorite saxophonist, the founder of the legendary «Arsenal». A composer, performer, actor, publicist and writer.     We wish Alexey happy 78th birthday!   You slaked a thirst for jazz — the need for freedom of Soviet people, you were incredibly bright source of joy and inspiration for [...]

The 1st of October is the International Day of Music!

1 October 2013

What kind of Music is the most natural and also the most difficult for performing nowadays by your opinion? Yes. It is ... the Silence! Silence as Quietness, as Harmony of Human and Environment. As soon as Performers or Listeners produce some rustling or disquiet Music goes wrong.   We wish you to have time for pausing, for timely taking a fresh breath within the rhythm and tempo of your [...]

Joey Alexander about MJF
on major Indonesian TV-channels

6 September 2013

After Joey Alexander Sila had won in the final of the first season of «Master-Jam Fest» in Odessa (Grand Prix of the Festival), news about young musician’s win in the new international jazz project has appeared on major local TV channels. We offer you the excerpt from the newscast of August 21, 2013, in which young jazzman shares his impressions about participation in the festival-contest "Master-Jam Fest". The [...]

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