Vagif Mustafa Zadeh's Birhday


Dear Friends,


Today, the 16th of March, the wonderful man, a great composer and pianist, the most successful and well-known jazz artists in the Azerbaijani history, the creator of the new jazz direction — Azerbaijani jazz-mugham, the legendary Vagif Mustafa Zadeh would have turned 74.


Willis Conover, the host of «Jazz Time» program on the radio «Voice of America», dedicated one of his hourlong programs entirely to Vagif Mustafa Zadeh.


Dizzy Gillespie, prominent masterly jazz trumpeter thanked Mustafa Zadeh for creation of the music of the future after getting acquainted with his works.


Vagif Mustafa Zadeh’s name entered into the World encyclopedia of jazz (publication edited by U. S. authors), as well as its literary recast by Vladimir Feyertag (Russian edition).


On the Birthday of the genius son of Azerbaijan, and now Memorial Day, let us listen to his Dushunce (thinking, reflection) and tune into the beat of his rich «Fantasia».


The beautiful music of this unique composer and musician will sound forever.


Sincerely yours,
«Master-Jam Fest» Team










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