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Young Kiev artist Kseniya Cheshirskaya, who works in the technique «Contemporary Sacral Art», became the bystander of jazz mystery «Master-Jam Fest». Her impressions she reflected in the short article, which we gladly publish.
Those, who create jazz know something, I don’t know.
I’ve never been listening to jazz, even if it sounded from the other side of the wall — in the sound atelier of Alexey Bogolyubov. Truly I heard it when I was pulled by the spontaneous unknown power to Odessian Master-Jam Fest, organized by great Mikhail Freidlin. Then I was listening jazz for four evenings turning into nights.
The 2nd day the 3rd ensemble the 2nd song. The stage was silent. It was created by Tamara Lukasheva and creatures with musical instruments around.
All of the musicians are incredibly charming, genius, one wants to watch them over and over and over... This music can be played just by professionals. This is how you imagine artists on the stage, which know the name of every muscle and bone of the human body and not only human one, and can in one movement construct the most complicated pose in perspective.
During this song the musicians were not performing for the audience. They played music. Calm, very simple... Instead of the stage my spectator’s view was dipped inside, calm, very simple...
Thanks to this song and this festival I could record where the art comes from:
1. It is born from rivalry. Fighting with somebody passionately and bravely. It is very beautiful, it is unbelievable. It is spellbinding.
2. With the sweet pleasure... when every stroke of paint-brush is a taste of life. Mmmm... Pleasure of the process, the result, the exhibition, the audience, attention, state of creator... Of the experience, the performance... Those, who can write in this way are genius.
3. Out of some Great Calmness. If you express it through the color it would be white. If you express it through the sound it would be silence. But the most unbelievable thing is that I heard it in a jazz composition... It was very special and very silent. Silence was inside.
I want it this way...
Kseniya Cheshirskaya

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