MJF2014 Participant: German Ivanov (drums, Russia)

March 16 2015
I'm a drummer who has been teaching from 2007. I have an experience of playing with many musicians in different styles and genres - from rock through fusion to big band jazz. [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Millioud Vincent (violin, Switzerland)

March 4 2015
некто тамаркин
Musical orientations: Classical Music, Jazz, Folk Music. Each music form influences another. The sound of classical music, the pulsation of jazz and the folk music's freedom. Studies: Born in Switzerland in 1983, Vincent Millioud starts to play violin at the age of six. He takes a classical music education at the Conservatory of Neuch?tel (CH) and gets interested in improvisation and Jazz. In 20[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Alexis Baro (trumpet, Canada)

March 4 2015
Alexis Baro is a three-time nominee for the Canadian National Jazz Award in the "Best Trumpet Player" category. He has begun playing trumpet at early age, later has graduated as a certified instructor from the renowned Amadeo Roland Music Institute in Havana. He relocated to Canada in 2001 and has since worked in a variety of genres including Jazz, R&B, Funk, Calypso and Latin. He has performed a[...]

Мастер-Джем Фест поздравляет с Днем рождения Боба Ван Ронкеля!
Happy Birthday to Bob Van Ronkel!

January 27 2015

Dear Friends!   Today is the birthday of our dear friend, a true connoisseur of jazz, a prominent American producer and the president of the company «Doors to Hollywood» Bob Van Ronkel. Bob’s participation as a co-producer in carrying out «Jazz Carnivals» in 2004-2006, so beloved by Odessa citizens, made these jazz days really unforgettable.   We wish Bob Van Ronkel joy and health, drive to achieve ambitious goals, to create [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Emilio Sposito (guitar, Venezuela)

January 25 2015
Registration is in progress [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Corbin Andrick (saxophone, the USA)

January 25 2015
Chicago based freelance saxophonist Corbin Andrick is a dynamic youthful voice amongst the Second City music scene. Originally from Decatur, IL, Corbin moved to Chicago in 2007 to attend DePaul University. There he studied improvisation privately with Mark Colby, Bob Palmieri, Ron Perillo, and Kelly Sill, as well as composition with Tom Matta. These led to performances with Jeff Hamilton, Phil Woo[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Sandhy Sondoro (vocals, Indonesia)

January 25 2015
Registration is in progress [...]


December 31 2014

  Dear friends!   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   Let the New Year 2015 be generous and happy for all! Let each one of us find the everyday source of inspiration and happiness and let the luck follow on every brave deed on the way to the accomplishment of our most grandiose plans.     We wish you the Year 2015 [...]

Happy Birthday To Mikhail Freidlin!

December 19 2014

  Dear friends!   Today, December, 19, is a magical day, when adults give gifts to children and each other. Probably, this is why Mikhail Freidlin celebrates his birthday today. He loves to make presents very much. Inhabitants of Odessa, his friends and colleagues in different cities and countries of the world know about this feature of his character. These presents are always wholehearted and [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Laszlo Kamaker (piano, the USA)

December 3 2014
Registration is in progress [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Natalia Papazoglu (vocals, Ukraine)

December 3 2014
Natalia Papazoglu has bright tone, great range, and "black" style of performance. She is also a vocalist of the State Academic Orchestra "Radio Band Alex Fokin". Natalia is a self-educated singer. She has education degree in economics. At present she is a student at the University of Boris Grinchenko at the vocal department. Natalia is a winner of many national and international competitions and f[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Seguin Jacques (trumpet, Canada)

December 3 2014
Winner of the 2012 R?v?lation Jazz Radio-Canada prize, this Canadian trumpeter and composer of Polish origins is turning heads. Versatile and adventurous, he’s a player who likes to shape up his sound with different outfits: with the ODD LOT ensemble, the Montreal musician blends Eastern European music, jazz and electronica, while in the Litania Project, he marries neoclassical with Northern Eur[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Olga Baranova (piano, Ukraine)

December 3 2014
Olga is the first prize winner as "pianist - composer" at the international contest "Dzhaliton", also she was awarded with the Grand Prix at the Ukrainian contest "Jazz Debut", Kiev. The 5th year student of jazz department at Kharkiv National University of Arts, class of associate professor Davydov Sergei Petrovich. Olga also writes original music and arrangements of jazz standards. [...]

Happy Birthday To Nicholay Goloshchapov!

November 14 2014

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MJF2014 Participant: Widiyanto Sutanto (piano, Indonesia)

October 20 2014
Widiyanto (Widi) was born in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. He moved to Bandung to continue his study at Maranatha Christian University (MCU). During his study in college, Widi joined Maranatha\'s choir and played a piano, and sang in a gospel manner. He started loving music after that. Widi loved listening jazz too. The first musician that he liked very much is Chick Corea, and until now, Widi al[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Rahmad Matt (guitar, Indonesia)

October 18 2014
Registration is in progress. [...]

Happy birthday to Alexey Kozlov!

October 13 2014

Дорогие друзья!   Сегодня, 13-го октября, День рождения у Алексея Козлова — джазмена, популярного и «нашего» любимого саксофониста, основателя легендарного «Арсенала». Композитора, исполнителя, актера, публициста и писателя.     С огромным удовольствием поздравляем Алексея Семеновича!   Мы желаем любимому музыканту нескончаемого запаса джазового воздуха в легких, джемового настроения и драйвового года!   Пусть каждая сыгранная нота укрепляет здоровье, приносит радость и привлекает любовь! [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Sebastien Peeters (vibraphone, Belgium)

October 2 2014
S?bastien Peeters is a Belgian jazz drummer and vibes player, was born in 1994. He began music at 6 years old. His formation was first assured by Jacky Coppens until he decide to became professional musician. At 15, he entered into an artistic college in classical percussion with Gilles Ansciaux and continue his formation at the «Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles» on drums with Thomas Grimmonprez[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Anna Chekasina (violin, Russia)

October 2 2014
Anna Chekasina - violinist, singer, composer and performer. Was born in Moscow (1986). Graduated from the State Classical Academy (2010), took part in many workshops and courses including Royal Academy of Music (London), Codarts University for the Arts (Rotterdam), Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (Vilnius). Since 2005, Anna has been leading an active scenic life. As creator or participant [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Carlo Muscat (saxophone, France)

September 11 2014
Born in Malta in 1988. Over recent years Carlo Muscat has performed with numerous established artists such as renowned drummer Charles ‘City’ Gatt, Sandro Zerafa, Joe Debono, Dominic Galea, Paul Abela, Lionel Boccara, M?ty?s Szandai, Yoni Zelnik, David Fettmann and Guillaume Naud, amongst others. Notable local performances include the 2011 Malta jazz festival, the 2011 Manoel Theatre Concert, [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Marissa Wiguna (drums, Indonesia)

September 11 2014
Registration is in progress [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Zaza Tsertsvadze (drums, Georgia)

September 11 2014
Zaza Tsertsvadze is a drummer from Tbilisi (Georgia).He graduated Z. Paliashvili music college. (1999-2003) Zaza taught in Tbilisi State Conservatory. (2009-2012) In 2012 he went through the Master Class with Legendary Lenny White. He worked with musicians such: Vova Mogeladze (Blues Mobile Band), Tamaz Kurashvili, Beka Gochiashvili, Temur Kvitelashvili, Tony O'Malley, Frank Collins, Neil Hubbard,[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Semion Lavrinenco (piano, Transnistria)

September 11 2014
Obtained master's degree as a classical pianist in the Music, Theatre and Fine Arts Academy in the Republic of Moldova. Plays jazz and rock music. He also teaches in the Transnistria Governmental Arts Institute. [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Przemyslaw Florczak (saxophone, Poland)

September 11 2014
Registration is in progress [...]

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, World Jazz Legend, Herbie Hancock Invites «Master-Jam Fest» for Celebration of International Jazz Day – 2015

August 13 2014

The author and Producer General of «Master-Jam Fest» Mikhail Freidlin received the letter of gratitude and invitation for further collaboration from Herbie Hancock, jazz legend of the 20th century, one of the most influential jazz musicians of modernity, 14 Grammy Awards winner, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue and UNESCO International Jazz Day founder.   Original letter     August 2014 [...]

Happy Birthday to Viacheslav Kriskevich!

July 9 2014

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MJF2014 Participant: Alla Turovskaya (vocals, Russia)

June 17 2014
Alla Turovskaya is a jazz singer and professional actress from St. Petersburg. She studied at the State Theatre Academy in St. Petersburg. She sings with dramatical and sensitive voice. As professional actress she perform each song like a story with entaglement and culmination, and as a singer she goes with gentle feeling of melody and harmony. Alla is a prize-winner of Jazz Competition in Jazz [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Anastasiya Andreyeva (vocals, Ukraine)

June 10 2014
Prize-holder of different singing contests “Your talents, Ukraine”, “Vinok Chornomoriya”, “Venetz Ovidiya”, “Belyi Parus” etc. The finalist of radio singing contest “ProstoZvezda” 2008 The winner of tv-show “Karaoke na maidani” 2010 The participant of singing tv-show “Superzirka” 2010 The guest of the Royal Castle (Varsaw) 2011 Jingle recordings for Narodnoye Radio[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Yuri Shcherbakov (saxophone, Russia)

June 10 2014
Registration is in progress [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Anton Solodchenko (piano, the UK)

June 4 2014
Anton is only 14 years old jazzman, but he has already written 2 own albums of records as a composer. He has been playing piano since 2004, and studied jazz in both Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Moscow (Russia) and continued his education after moved to UK in ROYAL ACADEMY of Music. He developed interest in playing and composing jazz, when he was nine and won a number of first prizes at several internat[...]

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