Best wishes on the birthday of Mikhail Freidlin!



Dear friends,


Today, a wonderful person, a talented organizer and generator of unique ideas, the producer of «Master Jem Fest» and not only Mikhail Pavlovich Freidlin celebrates his birthday.



Dear Mikhail Pavlovich!


We wish you so much health that all the brilliant ideas that have already come and soon come to your bright head, you would realize easily, you can say playfully (and not only on the guitar, accordion and phono) and necessarily win (and not only in chess and backgammon)


Let the joy from every day lived, filled with meaning and promotion of interesting projects, interspersed with the drive, jazz and jam accompany you the whole new personal year!


We are glad to be a part of your collective mind!





Sincerely yours,

«Master-Jam» Team

We would be grateful for your feedback!

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