Happy Birthday to Kirill Moshkov!




Today, the 8th of March, is the birthday of Kirill Moshkov — Russian journalist, jazz reviewer, writer, publisher and chief editor of the magazine «Jazz.Ru», chief editor of leading Russian jazz portal jazz.ru, «Master-Jam Fest» jury member.



With all our hearts we wish him happy birthday and good health, great mood, happiness, high aspirations and creative insights!



Let all your books about jazz become bestsellers! Projects with your participation — blockbusters! Let the number of «Jazz.Ru» readers increase with the number of jazz fans. Let the web administrator of jazz portal www.jazz.ru reports you every day about unprecedented influx of visitors with words: «One more guest and the portal would failure!»



And most importantly!



Dear Women!

Happy Kirill Moshkov’s Birthday!

Be Happy!



With spring mood,

«Master-Jam» team

We would be grateful for your feedback!

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