MJF2014 Participant: Glenda del Monte-Escalante (piano, the USA)


The USA, New York

Glenda del E was born and raised between what she describes as “two sides of the tracks” in her native Havana, Cuba and a multi-cultural Toronto, Canada.
Growing up in a musical home environment, she learned early lessons in the meaning of perseverance and moral character from the role model whom she holds in the highest regard to this day – her mother. If “del Monte Escalante” is Spanish for Climbing the Mountain, then pianist, vocalist and composer Glenda del Monte Escalante\'s name could not be more fitting. Exceptional instrumental chops, a multi-lingual voice that is part angel and part siren, and a natural beauty that borders on the hypnotic, the prodigy-turned-pro might well be the hope for the future of jazz and instrumental music. Cuban Pianist-singer-songwriter Glenda del E gives Cuban music a fresh new take with her exceptional musicality, her piano and her voice…
“This is not only about her original compositions and arrangements, but also about producer Dave Gray’s magic touch, the gift of talented musicians and a family legacy”.?
“Q-ban Mixology” evolved from Glenda’s trademark, positive and inspiring lyrics and melodies for all ages, pop-soul hooks and funk-jazz influenced arrangements defy generally held notions of what Cuban music is and defines her truly unique, genuine and her real sound. Cuban pianist/singer songwriter/arranger Glenda, born in Havana, Cuba. Started music school at age 7 and has participated and placed at various competitions since then she gives Cuban music a fresh new take with her exceptional musicality, her piano and her voice... In 1998, moved with her parents to Toronto, Canada, to continue her high school studies and under scholarship classical training at the ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC (TORONTO). Instructed by John Alonso, she has performed as a soloist accompanied by the Counterpoint Community Orchestra conducted by Terry Kowalczuc. Has performed in various music festivals in Canada, both in the classical music world and popular (Cuban, Latin jazz and world music) events. She graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO FACULTY OF MUSIC, where she studied with DR.
Her music reflects what she is: A strong academic trained musician transcending frontiers and a role model for future generations.
Glenda continues to work on different projects, trying to unveil all the possibilities of her training and experience.
Glenda del E's Q-ban Mixology. Paul Quarrington's Short Film Soundtrack Pavane (2008). Tropicana Cabaret Big Band. Carlos Baute. Parachute Club Band. Mireya Escalante. Latin Street. New Cuban Generation. Cuban Percussion School Workshops. ECHO Women Choir. Axis Music (promote equal access to music instruction, artistic engagement, creativity and musical performances). Miami Big Band Project. Leonardo Timor. El Mola. ASCAP Showcase/Miami Music Festival. Willie Panama. Alexis Grullon. Amaury Gutierrez. Malena Burke. Yoyi Soler Quintet. Conjunto Progresso. Luis Bofill. The Alexis Valdes Band. Miami Conservatory of Music. Van Dyke Cafe. Bongos Cuban Cafe. EBS Band. Lula Lounge. Trane Studio. MOD Club Toronto. Beaches Jazz Festival. Beaches Jazz Festival CD. Distillery Jazz Festival. TD Jazz Festival.

Glenda del Monte-Escalante (piano, the USA)
Her music reflects what she is.

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