MJF2014 Participant: Millioud Vincent (violin, Switzerland)


Switzerland, Bern

Musical orientations: Classical Music, Jazz, Folk Music. Each music form influences another. The sound of classical music, the pulsation of jazz and the folk music's freedom.
Studies: Born in Switzerland in 1983, Vincent Millioud starts to play violin at the age of six. He takes a classical music education at the Conservatory of Neuch?tel (CH) and gets interested in improvisation and Jazz. In 2011 he obtains a “Master of Performance in Improvised Music” and a "Minor in Classical Music" at the Bern's University for the Arts (CH).
International scene: Vincent Millioud plays in Switzerland, Russia, Palestine, Israel, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Egypt, Libanon, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Scotland, USA…
UNESCO International Jazz Day - Jerusalem. "Mary Freiburghaus - Ensemble". April:
"Hot Club De Berne - Moscow Tour". Collaboration with "It's Soo Russian", "Bern - City", "Kanton Bern", "SWISSLOSS", "Swiss Embassy - Moscow". Tour featuring "DJANGOBAND - Roadhaouse Blues Club - Moscow".
"Mandarin Piano Bar - Moscow" Renat Gataulin (p) - Ivan Katkov (b) & Pavel Timofeev (d). Own compositions and contemporary jazz standards.
"Documentary Center - Moscow" 200 years of diplomatic relationship, Switzerland - Russia.
"New Art Theater - Moscow" Serguey Klevensky - Taysia Krasnopevtieva & Serguey Filatov - "BIO TRIO".
"Al-Quds University" Jerusalem's Arabic University - "MILLIOUD - FREIBURGHAUS DUO" Jerusalem, Ramallah, Abu-Dies.
2013 September :
"MILLIOUD - FREIBURGHAUS DUO" "Gianadda Fondation - Martigny" (CH) "Modigliani et l'Ecole de Paris".
"HOT CLUB DE BERNE" - Cully Jazz Festival - Schlagzeug & Venoge.
Benefice concerts for the Rainbow of Hearts foundation - Moscow, N.N. Blokhin medical center.
January - December:
"Renat Gataulin" - "Winzavod Art Center", "1/2 Orchestra-Moscow" - "Un-Convention Hub - Moscow", "Violin Jazz Quartet-Moscow" - "Alexey Kazlov jazz Club - Moscow", "Douce Ambiance de Moscou" - Jazz Manouche quartet - Moscow.
2012 May:
"MILLIOUD - FREIBURGHAUS DUO", "FLATUS festival - Mus?e d'Art du Valais" - Sion (CH) Music for the Cerutti's painting "For Charles Mingus".
"ORIAK" - Cully Jazz Festival - "Sweet Basile".
2011 February:
"Gilad Chatsav trio", Dancing Camel's Jazzclub - Tel Aviv.
2010 April:
"LIQAA - EGYPT TOUR" Opera House - Cairo & Alexandria's Library with Mohamed SAWWAH & PRO HELVETIA - Foundation.
"Zico House Foundation - Beyrout" Residence.
2008 August – September:
Harlem - New York City. One month immersion in the "New York Jazz Scene".
"MOODS - Z?rich" Carte Blanche ? Jason Kahn.
TEACHERS: Classical music
Genevi?ve Monticelli (vio) / Anne Lorkens - Bauer (vio) / Denitza Kazakova - Ducret (vio) / Monika Urbaniak - lisik (vio)
Jazz violin and improvisation: Luca Campioni (vio) / Pierre Blanchard (vio) / Benjamin Schmid (vio) / Francis Coletta (guit) / Andy Scherrer (sax) / Jonas Tauber (cello & bass).

MJF2014 Participant: Millioud Vincent (violin, Switzerland)

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