MJF2014 Participant: Carola Zerega (vocals, Ecuador)

11 March 2014
Carola Alexandra Villalva Zerega was born in the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador. From her childhood she liked music in all its manifestations. Several years ago she understood that music is what she really wants to do.In her performing manner Carola combines the style of Latin folk songs and swing pulsation of true jazz. Her first solo concert took place in 2007 in her native city. That time she per[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Yvonne Mwale (vocals, Zambia/Germany)

11 March 2014
Music of Zambian born Yvonne Mwale has a strong message and a genuine cultural background. Powerful African rhythms uniquely fused with Jazz, Blues and Reggae excite the audience and media in the same way like her strong stage presence and this powerful, characteristic voice. Her latest album “Kalamatila” marked her debut as an solo artist and opened Yvonne Mwale the doors at radio stations al[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Marcos Sanchez (guitar, Dominican Republic)

9 March 2014
Marcos Sanchez is a student on the National Conservatory in Dominican Republic. He plays with the conservatory\'s Jazz band (23 piece big band), and the contemporary jazz ensamble, participated in the Berklee on the Road program. His musical influences are broad, from blues, to rock, avantgarde, jazz, Latin and afro-dominican folk music. Musicians he has been listening to lately go from Wayne Shor[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Semen Mazurok (saxophone, Russia)

9 March 2014
Semen develops his saxophone mastership. Teaches. Conducts jazz orchestra and cover-group, which performs various styles of music. He tries to play with nice musicians. He is interested in different music. He believes we can not rest on our laurels.[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Pierre Duclay (piano, France)

9 March 2014
Pierre began to play piano at the age of 5 years old. He is over 50 now and he, just now, begins to build his own skills to create his own style: piano trans-jazz. He just need to be known.All his exeperiences are various, from concertmaster for Yamhaha France, pianist in a French cabaret in Washington DC, to concertmaster accompagnateur of French accordeonists, so many, that's only an agent artis[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Sergey Gimazetdinov (trombone, Russia)

9 March 2014
Sergey is a student of Gnessin Russian Academy of Music. He is a participant of “Academic Band” orchestra conducted by A. Kroll, Big Jazz Orchestra of P. Vostokov and “Trombone-show” of Maxim Piganov. He collaborated with the orchestra of Igor Butman. Sergey is a prize-winner of Gnesin Jazz (2012).[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Oscar Gonzalez (guitar, Mexico)

7 March 2014
Composer and guitarist from Monterrey, Mexico. He recorded 5 Jazz CDs with several own projects, the last one is called PSICODRAMA (Psycho Drama), composed, directed and produced by Oscar, in which David Liebman, Tony Moreno, Ole Mathisen, Jack Wilkins, Ralph Alessi, Boris Koslov, Chris Washbourne, Frank Kimbrough, Dean Johnson and Javier Garagarza have participated. He has perfomed all around Mex[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Olga Fedorova (vocals, Russia)

7 March 2014
Registration is in progress[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Dmitry Klimchuk (beatmaker, Ukraine)

7 March 2014
Registration is in progre[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Yulia Perminova (piano, Russia)

1 March 2014
Julia Perminova is a young talented pianist and a composer, Tumen Arts College graduate, Gnesin Russian Academy of Music student, I.M.Bryl disciple. Julia is a constant participant of various jazz festivals, cooperates with lots of Russian jazz musicians. She is also a leader of her own author's project and an owner of the 6 th All-Russian jazz variety contest 'Rythm Express" first awards (Ekater[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Sergey Gritsenko (guitar, Ukraine)

1 March 2014
Sergey Gritsenko is a guitar player, arranger, composer. He was born in Ukraine. From 2002 till 2009 he performed abroad and participated in different ethno-jazz projects. Currently, he is living in Kyiv. Sergey is the Artistic Director of "UnDoStress" collective.[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Vadim Smirnov (trombone, Russia)

1 March 2014
Vadim was born in Rostov-on-Don in 1997. He studies at Kim Nazaretov Jazz School. He is the winner of many contests. He plays in Andrey Machnev\'s Children Big Band, Munitipal Big Band named after Kim Nazaretov. Participated European festivals with orchestra, in 2013 took part in Rostov Jazz Festival with "East-West European" orchestra. Played with such great musicians as Wycliffe Gordon, Milan Sv[...]

MJF2014 Participant: David Sagamonyants (drums, Russia)

1 March 2014
He has graduated from Rostov State Rakhmaninov Conservatory. David has been an International young jazz performers contest laureate (2007), International drummer contest Grand-prix owner (2010 and 2011). He has played with such jazz master, as Steve Ture, Irving Mayfield, Anatoliy Kroll, Aleksey Rostotskiy and many others.[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Venant Ntiomo (percussion, Cameroon)

27 February 2014
Registration is in progress[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Marcien Oyono (guitar, Cameroon)

27 February 2014
Metogo Marcien Fabrice plays guitar since he was 15 years old. He started performing on scene at 25. He already performed with several well-know artists suchs as Etienne Mbappe and many others.[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Bora Celiker (guitar, Turkey)

25 February 2014
Registration is in progress[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Sergey Sokolov (drums, Russia)

25 February 2014
Since 12 year age he has been playing drums. According to his words, Sergey 'has come through diverse lifeschool' in music career. He has graduated from Magnitogorsk Glinka Music college percussion instruments class variety department, Moscow Gnessin College of Music with the same specialization. Since 2010 Sergey has been playing percussion instruments professionally and according to him, 'the se[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Vladislav Psaruk (trombone, Russia)

25 February 2014
Registration is in progress.[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Carlos Bravo Ollague (drums, Ecuador)

23 February 2014
Carlos Bravo Ollague was born in Santa Rosa, El Oro province, Ecuador on January 5, 1983. When he was 14 years old, he began studying drums in his hometown. Later he traveled to Quito and started college at the Institute of Contemporary Music (IMC) Berklee International Network Member of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, where he studied Music Production and Sound, and Contemporary Music, ge[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Abel Marcel Calderon Arias (piano, the Netherlands)

23 February 2014
Abel Marcel is one of the most versatile Cuban piano players from his generation on the scene today: composer, arranger, producer, pianist, band leader and educator. He has been recording a dozens of albums from hip-hop to salsa, from jazz-to classical He is first and foremost an improviser. His classical background of education in addition to his musical heritage creates a musical dichotomy. This[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Dmitriy Kutafin (drums, Russia)

23 February 2014
Education: Orlov regional music college (teacher- Andrey Efanov), at present Dmitriy is the fouth year student at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music (teacher - Ivan Avaliani). Takes regular classes with Igor Dzhavad-Zade, Andrey Pristavka. Dmitriy plays diverse music, appreciates work with emotions, passion, true feelings. Among the most interesting bands, that Dmitriy had an opportunity to wor[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Jenny Villafuerte (vocals, Ecuador)

22 February 2014
Jazz performance, BA in Contemporary Music at IMC San Francisco de Quito, Berklee International Network. She participated in several music festivals in her country such as "Valdivia Jazz Fest", "Musimuestras", "Feria del Libro", and also won 2 times the 1st prize in "FAAL Festival" one of the most important festival in the city of Guayaquil. She played with Jeffry Eckels (USA), Paulo Moura (Brasil[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Teodor Iuliu Pop (piano, Romania)

22 February 2014

Teodor started playing the piano at the age of 4 by attending classical music lessons. He continued studying classical music until the age of 13, when he had the chance to move to a jazz-oriented piano studying class in "Francisc Hubic" Popular Art School in Oradea, Romania. He graduated from this program at the age of 17 with a perfect mark for the final exam. He started playing in jazz a[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Mikhail Koylo (guitar, Ukraine)

19 February 2014
I work in clubs of Kiev, compose music, and participate in recordings of various performers. I like Ping-Pong and listen to all kinds of jazz and fusion.[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Camille Vigan [Hutch] (beatbox, France)

18 February 2014
Hutch has been practicing for 6 years. After 2 formative years, he decides to take over his own career, and collaborates with many MCs and musicians. Hutch?s deep bass and slamming snare drum sounds are enhanced by mic only. His special sonorities and personal techniques provide a powerful showcase. [...]

MJF2014 Participant: Song Yi Jeon (vocals, South Korea)

18 February 2014
Hailing from South Korea, Song Yi Jeon is a singer and composer, who deftly combines modern jazz harmony and odd time signatures with singable melodies that instantly catch the ear of the listener. Since studying jazz voice at the Music University in Basel, Switzerland Song Yi has impressed audiences with her clean, pure voice and unique improvising skill. She has performed with Guillermo Klein, J[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Sehyun Paik (vocals, South Korea/Austria)

15 February 2014
Sehyun Paik is a jazz singer, arranger and composer from South Korea. He was deeply into many kinds of music and took many lessons such as classical music, classical ballet, dance and singing, when he was young. Since 2009, he has been living in Europe to study jazz voice and has taken many jazz singing lessons by international teachers in Germany and in the Netherlands. Nowadays, he is studying u[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Vitaliy Zolotov (guitar, Germany)

5 February 2014
Vitaliy Zolotov was voted the best guitar player at the Jazz Festival Soriano nel Cimino (Italy) with the band «FUMMQ», became a laureate (2nd prize) and won an audience award at «Palmares Gibson Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition». Vitali received his award from the hands of the chairman of the jury, the great blues guitarist Lee Ritenour, while the applause of the jubilant audience. Vitaly per[...]

MJF2014 Participant: Ilya Shcheklein (piano, Russia)

5 February 2014
Ilya Shcheklein was born in Ivanovo in a family of musicians in 1988. Since his childhood he fell in love with music, improvised, began to study at music school from 5 years. Ilya ended Ivanovo musical school being trained in a classical piano. Ilya graduated from this college with honors. Ilya Shcheklein - the graduate of faculty "Musical art of variety" of the St. Petersburg university of cultur[...]

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