of jazz improvisation skills

This project is a professional competition of musicians-improvisers
and a jazz festival at the same time.
Its goal is to determine best jazz performers capable
of spontaneous improvisation and ensure public recognition of their talent.

The concept of possible tele-version
and its spin-offs

The main location (as well as the shooting studio) of “Master-Jam-Festival” is going to be the concert hall, where the festival is planning to be held. All the performances and group sound checks are going to be recorded as well as the backstage, so the brightest moments of the festival will be used to create TV programs. A series of news reports and promo-trailers will be created. Besides, the participants and winners might be invited to morning broadcasts and talk-shows (as well as perform in the studio).
“Master-Jam-Festival” and its well-coordinated team will serve as the base for spin-offs — regular broadcasts and series of programs on the history of jazz (using performance recordings of local and international musicians), as well as “live” improvisation tournaments of jazz performers in the studio (online broadcast). Academic musicians will also be invited to challenge jazz musicians in improvisation tournaments, thus demonstrating ‘high-style music’.
We believe that the jazz music influence on the youth audience will be highly effective. Providing them with more available material from the abundance of jazz music (to take for instance popular trip-hop), jazz performers will stimulate artistic potential of the youngsters, demonstrate quality music and high-level performing art of professional musicians.
Moreover this project will emphasize the importance of dynamic “jazz” thinking, while the aptitude for improvisation is shown in the ability to make unique and unusual decisions and generate ideas professionally, and not only in music.

Organizers of the “Master-Jam-Festival” are convinced that this event will be of equal interest
to the Internet users and TV viewers not only due to the highest musical quality and rare musical genre,
but also because the music itself — unprepared and unrehearsed — will be born right in front of them.
In essence it is an online version of the Club of the Funny and Inventive
Reports about every day of the festival will be covered on TV
and a live translation of the final day will be organized.
“Master-Jam-Festival” will have a live translation via Internet.

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