Michael Freidlin, congratulations on your birthday!



Dear friends!


Today, December, 19, we are celebrating the birthday of the author and producer of «Master-Jam Fest» Mikhail Freidlin!

Mikhail Freidlin is a unique person who lives a unique life. His mind easily generates unique ideas, which he implements in a unique way.

How does he do it? He is just a unique example of how a person can live his life and reveal his human qualities, realize his talent and share his expertise.
He has an amazing ability to attract the best talents, wonderful and creative people who share his vision of how to make the present and the future not just a place to live, but to be the best.
He likes when his friends, his acquaintances and strangers get pleasure from when someone gives them an unexpected festive occasion — a feast of real music, a feast of «Games of the Greats», a feast for heart and mind.



Dear Mikhail,


We wish you do not stop on what you have reached and, especially, on what you have not reached yet! Do dream, invent, plan, thrive and enjoy your life! Be healthy and happy every day!


Let all your plans be implemented and be an absolute masterpiece!




Our most sincere feelings, wishes and an objective, that is laudatory, praise.

Your «Master-Jam» team,
and not only






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