Participant: Yekaterina Anokhina (vocals, Russia)

14 January 2013

"I graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Music in major “cymbals” (Minsk) and from the Konsort mainstream-jazz College (Moscow) as a “jazz vocalist”. I’m the winner of the international competitions and jazz festivals (Klaipeda Jazz Voices, Festos and Gnesin Jazz, Moscow). I perform with the leading jazz musicians of Moscow and teach at the Konsort [...]

Participant: Roman Nevelev (bass, Russia)

14 January 2013

“My name is Roman Nevelev. I play in groups Terminator Trio and DDT. I finished the pop-jazz department of college named by Mussorgsky as a bass guitarist. I played and recorded with various musicians, such as Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, Billy Gibbons, Nuno Betencourt, Joe Bonamassa, and also with many Russian rock and pop groups.”

Participant: Vladimir Nesterenko (flute, Russia)

14 January 2013

Vladimir Nesterenko is one of the strongest young jazz musicians of Moscow, multi - instrumentalist: a pianist, flutist and practically the only one professional jazz organist in Russia. He played and toured with Didier Lockwood, Jesse Jones Jr., Zbygnew Namyslowsky, Piotr Wojtasik, Steve Slagle, Miles Griffith, JD Walter, Frank Lacy, Joe Ford, Craig Handy, Ron [...]

Participant: Artem Badenko (sax, Russia)

14 January 2013

I’ve been studying music at the Kim Nazaretov Children’s Jazz School since I was 4 years old. From the beginning piano was my major. When I was seven or so I started playing flute, then passed to alto saxophone. When I was 10 I was taken to Kim Nazaretov children's orchestra conducted by Andrey Machnev [...]

Participant: Alexey Svinar (bass, Ukraine)

14 January 2013

Alexey Svinar was born on January, 12, 1989. From 1998 to 2004 he studied guitar and bass-guitar at pop-jazz department of musical school №1 of Gorlovka (teacher Volpov I. K.). From 2004 to 2008 he studied bass-guitar at Donetsk musical college at the pop-jazz department (teachers Bokvitskiy B. B., Danilevich S. I., Umanskiy S. S.).

Participant: Mikhail Kulikov (sax, Ukraine)

14 January 2013

“I was born in the village Veseloye of Kherson region. I finished children’s musical school as a saxophonist at the class of V. A. Balybin and then destiny brought me into Odessa. Since I was 12 years old I studied at school named after P. S. Stolyarskiy with M. V. Krupey!

Participant: Oleg Subbotin (saxophone, Ukraine)

14 January 2013

Oleg Subbotin has been the permanent leader of saxophones’ group of a big band under conduction of N. Goloshchapov since 1989. He was the participant of many international jazz festivals: “Jazz carnival” (Odessa), Live in Blue Bay (the Crimea, Koktebel), and jazz festivals in Rostov-on-Don (Russia) and Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and many others. Oleg [...]

Participant: Karel Eriksson (trombone, Sweden/Austria)

14 January 2013

Tenor and Bass Trombone Born in 1988 in Sweden. Started to play trombone at the age of nine in Esthammar, Sweden. Studied at the S?dra Latin High School of Music in Stockholm from 2004 till 2007. Between 2007 and 2009 he studied trombone and composition at the Prague Conservatory of Jazz with prof. Svatopluk Kosvanec [...]

Participant: Ilya Stepanov (drums, Belarus)

14 January 2013

Hello everybody! My name is Ilya Stepanov! I finished Belarus Musical Academy as a drummer. Teach how to play drums in the musical college named after M. Glinka. I play all kinds of music. I love fusion most of all. Concerning hobbies, I like doing sports, composing electronic music. “It is very nice to gather [...]

Participant: Oleg Zarypov (trombone, Russia)

14 January 2013

I am Oleg Zarypov, trombonist from western Siberia. I am a performer of jazz music of different styles from Dixieland to fusion. I work in a jazz-club as a performer of Big Band (a soloist), and also I am a leader of traditional jazz music ensemble “Kuznetskiy Dixieland”. I also like playing in different jazz [...]

Participant: Sanjar Nafikov (piano, Uzbekistan)

14 January 2013

I am fascinated by the art of jazz improvisation as well as Uzbek traditional music – maqam. I’m on the way to development of Uzbek jazz.

Participant: Anton Boev (sax, Russia)

13 January 2013

Education: higher musical. Musical school (Minsk), Conservatory (Minsk). The winner of the international competitions in Krakow and Luxembourg. 1999-2004: the soloist of the State Concert Orchestra of Variety-symphonic Music conducted by Mikhail Finberg (in Moscow for the mainstream audience the orchestra is known thanks to the TV program Guess the Melody”) and the head of [...]

Participant: Gary Brocks (vocals, The USA)

13 January 2013

Jazz Vocalist/Songwriter/Lyricist/Trombonist GARY BROCKS has a wide background in Jazz, R&B, Rock, Latin, Haitian, and World Musics. He has performed or recorded with Roswell Rudd, Carla Bley, Kirk Nurock, Billy Harper, Michael Mantler, The Jazz Composers Orchestra, The Sam River's Jazz Orchestra, Paul Butterfield, the O‘Jays, Ska Sha (Haitian Konpa), numerous latin bands, and has [...]

Participant: Nelly Manukian (flute, Armenia)

13 January 2013

Nelly Manukian is the only one professional improvising jazz flutist in Armenia. Her first steps as jazz flutist passed under the leadership of known American jazz pianist Armen Donelian. For many years she played in Armenian symphonic orchestra of radio and television. She participated in different musical projects and jazz festivals of Armenia. Nelly performed [...]

Participant: Maxim Shibin (guitar, Russia)

13 January 2013

Maxim Shibin is young Russian guitarist, born in Potsdam (Germany). Started his musical career inspired by master-classes of remarkable jazz guitarist People’s artist of Russia Alexey Kuznetsov, who became a guide to the wide musical world for him.

Participant: Dmitriy Verba (bass, Ukraine)

13 January 2013

EDUCATION 1990-1995 - Odessa State Musical College, jazz-mainstream department, bass class 1983-1988 - Izmail musicfl school №1 guitar, bass 1981-1983 - Izmail musical school №1, piano

Participant: Kristian Borring (guitar, Denmark)

13 January 2013

Danish born Kristian Borring, now based in London, has in recent years built his name as a skillful guitarist with great melodic sense and sophisticated harmonic understanding, equally mastering the standard repertoire as well as original material “A guitarist of enormous technical ability who utilizes his considerable gifts thoughtfully and tastefully.” (THE JAZZ MANN). In [...]

Participant: Tesla Manaf (guitar, Indonesia)

13 January 2013

"I'm a jazz guitarist born in Jakarta. I started by learning classical piano and guitar at the age of 9 and stayed digging it until 10 years later, but then decided to switch to jazz because I needed a convenient space where I can unleash my passion in total freedom. I was raised in 60's-70's [...]

Participant: Musina Ebobisse (saxophone, France)

13 January 2013

My name is Musina Ebobisse and I play the tenor saxophone for 14 years. I studied classical music at the Conservatory in Strasbourg for 8 years before entering the jazz department. I graduated from the conservatory last year. Since 7 years, I've been involved in different musical projects, playing jazz, reggae, funk and blues. My [...]

Participant: Irsa Destiwi (piano, Indonesia)

13 January 2013

Irsa started her musical journey at the age of four through classical music. In her teen age jazz really 'distracted' her, and curiously she started to learn playing it. She is now a professional musician in Indonesia. She performs a lot at festivals, concerts, musicals, special events with her Shadow Puppets Quartet, Bandanaira duo, as [...]

Participant: Nacho Megina Mart?nez (drums, Spain)

13 January 2013

“I have studied in Musikene (top center of Basque Country’s music) for the speciality of battery of jazz and like a lot of styles of music like jazz, latin music, flamenco, Indian music, classic music and others.” – says Spanish Nacho Megina.

Participant: Nazar Rejepov (drums, Turkmenistan/Germany)

13 January 2013

Recent place of study: Academy of Music, Cologne (2009-2011) with DAAD scholarship. Berklee College of Music, 2009 Scholarship recipient. Prize winner of Jazz Festival in Bishkek with “ARWANA” band. Performances in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), Dushanbe (Tajikistan) Jazz Festivals.

Participant: Adam Lanfrey (bass, France)

13 January 2013

At first a self taught rock electric bass player when he was a teenager, Adam has come to play a wide range of music styles and instruments. From being a rock singer, or a punk bassist, to a jazz and improvising double bass player and working as a composer, arranger and performer in numerous bands [...]

Participant: Joey Alexander (piano, Indonesia)

13 January 2013

Joey Alexander is considered to be a Jazz Prodigy in Indonesia. When he was 6 years old, his parents brought home a mini keyboard and to their astonishment Joey could play a melody line of 'Well you needn't' (a Jazz piece written by Thelonious Monk). “He started piano lessons at the age of 6. But [...]

Participant: Pavel Arakelyan (sax, Belarus)

13 January 2013

I am fond of different kinds of experimental music and prefer to play border styles, although I studied improvisation on examples of adored mainstream styles such as bebop and hard-bop. I have visited Ukraine for several times, and will willingly visit it again

Participant: Arthur Vonfelt (drums, France)

13 January 2013

Arthur VONFELT is a young drummer from Strasbourg, France who just graduated from the Conservatory's Jazz class. He plays in several bands such as "Le Tricycle", "Adam and the madams" and "Michael Alizon Trio".

Participant: Florian Hoefner (piano, The USA)

13 January 2013

“I am a New York based jazz pianist, originally from Germany. You can hear me perform in the US, Canada or Europe with my own group or as a sideman with Peter Kronreif Wayfarers or Subtone. Please check out my site:”

Participant: Alexander Gasukha (Guitar, Russia)

13 January 2013

Alexander Gasukha (nick-name in the Internet is Big Mo) has been a participant of jazz festivals “Jazz above Yenisey” in 2001 and 2007. He teaches guitar in Krasnoyarsk. He had been working as a musician in Germany and Sweden for three years.

Participant: Ziv Nagari (guitar, The USA)

13 January 2013

“My name is Ziv Nagari and I'm a guitar player from New York City. I studied at Berklee College of Music and have been playing professionally ever since.”

Participant: Alina Guzairova (vocals, Russia)

13 January 2013

Alina Guzairova was born in 1986. She is an Ufa jazz singer, the soloist of Ufa jazz group Funky House Band. She also plays on the various jazz stages of Ufa, such as Ufa jazz club, Bashkir State philharmonic. She graduated from Ufa College of Arts, Ufa State Academy of Arts (pop and jazz vocals), [...]

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